What if I told you that you could have a photo shoot without tears?

Without stress? And without bribing your kids (or husbands)?  That a photo shoot can actually be FUN and capture your true personalities and connections? 

I have a passion, deep in my soul, for documenting real life. Authentic storytelling photography helps tell your story in an honest, memorable, and meaningful way. 

Is Friday night movie night? Do you make breakfast as a family every Saturday morning? Do you  walk to the nearby park after dinner? Or do you prefer to play video games and build forts? 

Moms...I know you have photos of these moments. I know you do. But you're not in them. Are you? Now close your eyes and think about the best "normal" day you've had with your family.

What would it mean to you if you had photographs of that FOREVER...and you're in them? THAT'S why I do this. You, momma, YOU deserve to be in these photographs too. Invite me to your next game night or trip to the local library. I want to share your story, with you. 

It's not about having a spotless house. It's not about having brand new outfits. It's not about having kids (or hubbies) who are perfectly behaved the entire time. It's not about doing something extravagant to photograph because you think your life is boring. No way. If that's not normal to you, than it's not real life.