I go by: momma, babe, and Jen. Jenny to those who’ve known me since high school and Jennifer by my mom and nana.  I am a momma to a super awesome two year old, wifey to my college sweetheart, and dog mom to a rescue (12 year old) pup.  

I am a creative manager, art director, and magazine editor by day. And film photographer pretty much the rest of the time. Yep, you read that correctly - film photographer. It's how I roll (pun definitely intended). 

I live in the totally amazing Austin, Texas (seriously, this city is so much fun!). We love walking to the park, food trucks, and local coffee shops. In fact, pretty much anywhere we travel to, we try to find a local coffee shop, brewery, or restaurant – what can I say? I love supporting the small business owner. 

I photographed families professionally for about six years before taking a little break to spend more time with my family. However, I'm shooting for me now more than I ever have in the past. And that's what lead me to open my print shop. The shop is 100% made up of film photographs. In the shop you'll find fine art prints to adorn the walls in your home or office. The shop features scenes from cities like Austin, Paris, London, and Nice to name a few. 



I picked up a film camera about five years ago and never looked back. I've incorporated more and more film shooting into my life since then. And now shoot almost exclusively film. Everything you see in the portfolios: EXPERIMENT, WANDER, STATESIDE, B&W, and INSTANT are all shot on film. About half of what you see in LOVE is shot on film, the other half on digital SLR. 



I am the associate magazine editor for Stellar Day - an online magazine designed to encourage and inspire women of all walks and stages of life. Occasionally you can find my writings and photographs in magazines.  You can read the most recent issue here.