Why I Shoot Film | Austin Documentary Film Photography

Why film?

This is a very good question. Why, in the digital world, would I ever go back to a medium that seems obsolete to many?

Short answer…passion.

Long answer… Film has helped reignite my love and passion for photography. I started about a three years ago playing with different cameras and films. Experimenting. And enjoying every step of the way. Expanding my creative horizon. And learning so much. About myself, my art, light, and film in general. I began collecting some amazing cameras and once again experimenting with lighting, exposure, and different films.

Film is beautiful. It is a dream. I love the soft colors that give each image a glow-like feeling. It has soul and brings subjects to life in just one image.

Film allows me to be a better photographer to you. I can’t shoot hundreds of images and sort through my favorite 20 or so. Therefore every image I take is done so with thoughtful deliberation. From the lighting to the pose to the angle – everything must be well thought out. Because of this, I find myself shooting more for quality rather than quantity.

It is safe to say that I am in love with film.