Three Tips For Starting Your Fitness Journey

Starting your fitness journey is daunting, I know it is. I started mine about 11 months ago and was overwhelmed when I first stared. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or scary.

I was tired all the time. I couldn’t keep up with my daughter. And sadly, I didn’t love myself. I knew I needed a change. But the best part about showing up for and working on yourself? The mental and emotional improvements are immediate. Before you start to see results, or even feel them physically, the mental and emotional benefits are already in full force. You instantly start feeling good about yourself - because you’re showing up for yourself like that badass that you are! So, where to start? Here are some tips for starting:

Start Where You Are

Be proud of yourself. The fact that you’re reading this post and thinking about ways to be healthier is a great start. Give yourself grace. Do what you can today. And then do it again tomorrow. And then the next day. Show up for yourself and be gentle with yourself. But start.

Do Something Fun

Chances are, you’ll stick with something if you enjoy it - right? I started with kickboxing. I went from not having exercised in years to signing up for a five-class trial at a local kickboxing gym. I took my first class, and as expected, I fell in love. It is so fun to be able to hit and kick things. When I kickbox, I feel empowered and strong and unstoppable. That’s such an amazing feeling. Kickboxing not your thing? That’s ok. Try: kayaking, karate, swimming, dance class, or even weight and resistance training (the other thing I do weekly that I love and makes me feel STRONG!)

Show Up

No matter what happens in a day, show up for yourself. That can and will look a number of ways depending on the day and circumstances. Don’t make excuses for yourself and show up. What might that look like?

  • getting your 10,000 steps in

  • going for a walk after dinner

  • cooking instead of eating out

  • getting a full workout in, as planned

  • taking the rest day, as planned

  • taking an unplanned rest day that you know you need

  • squeezing in a 15 minute workout even though you’re tired

You get the idea. Whatever you have to give that day, give it to yourself. No one else is going to do it for you, and you deserve it.

It’s important to enjoy yourself. If you do something you hate because you think it’s good for you, you’ll get burned out. So try a bunch of things and keep your circumstances in mind. Set yourself up for success. And no matter what: show up for yourself - every. single. day.