The Tooth Fairy Came a Few Years | Austin Family Documentary Photographer

It's true. The Tooth Fairy probably didn't have our house on the list for at least 4 maybe 5 more years. But, she had to make an early stop for homegirl. 

Long story short, homegirl had a fall at school and hit her mouth pretty badly. The dentist ended up needing to remove one of her top front teeth. So the Tooth Fairy got her notice and made a stop. 

We let homegirl know the night before that the Tooth Fairy was going to come. We needed to put her tooth under her crib and wait to see what she'd exchange it for. This year she started to pay attention to Santa for the first time, so she was cool with random strangers leaving her presents. 

waiting for the tooth fairy to come in Austin

But, maybe she didn't want the Tooth Fairy to come take her tooth? She made sure to put her best and brightest on security detail. But the Tooth Fairy found her sleeping on the job about an hour later...

When she woke up, she immediately wanted to see if her tooth was still there. Was it? Did the Tooth Fairy actually come?! 

looking to see if the tooth fairy came, Austin

Oh my goodness! She did come! The Tooth Fairy came! But what did she leave behind in return for the tooth?

toddler finds toys in exchange for tooth from tooth fairy

DUPLOS! Oh happy day! 

And of course, the same sweet little smile! with a little window.

dad making toddler laugh