Oh Hey There, Revolog Kolor | Austin Film Photographer Film Share

In 2014, for my birthday, all I wanted to do was go to Odd Duck and get brunch (which we did) and visit m favorite Austin murals with a film camera (which we also did). It actually took more than a year for me to develop these - I took my last photos on my first the next year. It's wild actually. I got pregnant and had my daughter in that year - but never finished the roll; never got it developed. Film can be funny that way. You forget you have a roll of film in a camera then put new film in a new camera go about shooting with it over and over. Developing more and more rolls. All the while this roll sat there. Unused. Not that it was unwanted. I just sort of, forget. Sadly. 

But, I've shot two rolls from that camera the past two days and have no plans of putting it down anytime soon. Ironically, leaving a half shot roll in a different camera. But I digress...

I'm sharing a few favorites from this experience. These were shot with my trusty Canon AT-1 with super awesome rainbow tie-dye Revolog Kolor around Austin.