My Favorite Parenting Apps

Anything to make my life, as a mom, easier or better - I’m all for it. Especially if that comes in the form of an app. Today I’m talking about my favorite five apps as the parent of a toddler. 
This one is amazing. AMAZING. They give you 1000 free 4x6 prints every year. Just pay shipping. That comes out to about 83 every month. Want a photo in a different size? No problem - you can purchase different sizes. I wouldn’t use this for professional photos, but it’s PERFECT for cell phone photos you want to get off your screen. Now you have no excuse not to print your photos. 
Speaking of printing your photos...Chatbooks is also amazing. We have several at home. And they are perfect for my daughter flipping through the books. She absolutely loves looking at photos in print and these books are no different. I have my pregnancy and her first year outside the bump in these books. 

stack of Chatbooks

White Noise Baby
This was (and still is) a life-saver. We started using this day 3 or 4 at home and have used it every night since. Think about all the noises baby hears in the womb...your breathing, heartbeat, outside noises. Baby are used to noise! And this isn’t a machine you have to take with you. It’s an app - so it’s perfect for traveling. She’s been all over the word, but at night, she hears the same sounds and helps keep her asleep. I might even have it in my room now too - after months of her sleeping in our room, I found I slept better with it myself. 
The Wonder Weeks
Some of you might be familiar with The Wonder Weeks. I wasn’t until my daughter was a few weeks and a friend suggested I check it out. The app basically lets you know when your kiddo is about to go through a developmental growth, what they’ll be learning, what behavior you can expect while going through the leap, and how you can support your baby. It was very helpful to know that she was extra fussy for a few days because she was growing. And it was really neat to learn HOW she was growing.  So much goes into those first 18 months or so that it’s hard to keep up. This app definitely let me know that I wasn’t losing my mind and gave me real tips on how I can help support my baby as she continued to grow.
Worry about being an over-sharer? I get it. This app is great for those who live away from family. Invite family members to download the app and share your photos with them - and only them! Grandparents love it! 
I’d love to hear about your favorite apps! What am I missing?


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