Five Reasons to Do a Food Tour in Mexico City

Mexico City is arguably one of the best culinary cities in the world…

But not necessarily in the sense of France or Spain with their Michelin Star restaurants. No, I’m referring to the neighborhood places, the taco trucks, the places you probably won’t see in a guide book. The types of places only locals know about. 

zocalo mexico city at night

I fell in love with Mexico City. Like head over heels, I want to move here, in love. And that, in large part, was because of the food tour - what can I say? I love Mexican food and eating authentic Mexican food is one of the best things in the world! So how do you find these places? This is where food tours come in handy. In the post I’ll share five reasons you need to do a food tour during your next trip to Mexico City and which company I recommend. 

Language Barrier

If you do not speak Spanish fluently, navigating food can be a little challenging - especially if you have an allergy or food preference (like vegan or vegetarian). But on an official guided tour, your guide will speak your native language and Spanish fluently. So you can explain allergies and preferences, and in turn, they will be able to communicate that to those preparing your food. 

why you need to do a food tour in Mexico City


Venturing out in a city is one of the best ways to experience the true culture. And while I did not once feel unsafe in Mexico City, there are neighborhoods (like most cities) that are less safe than others. Wandering outside of the touristy areas, you are traveling into the unknown. But with a guide, they know what neighborhoods are safe and which ones should be avoided. 


Meeting People

If you book an open tour where others can join in, you’ll get to meet new people. Part of a meal is the experience of conversation and company. Talking about hometowns, places traveled, favorite places within the city during your meal, make it all the more enjoyable. And you never know, you could meet your next best friend!

Tacos Tony Mexico City
Mexico City brisket taco


Your guide will know the history of the places you visit. For example: they can tell you that the restaurant you’re eating at pays an extra tax to have a certain type of grill making it one of the only ones in the City, therefore giving you a taste of something you literally can’t find anywhere else. You learn even more about the culture when you have a local sharing their love for the City with you. 


Eat Authentic

This goes without saying...but having a local guide you through Mexico City and share all the neighborhood places with you is special. Eat at the same places as the people in the neighborhood. The places that have been around for 50 years making the same amazing food day after day; perfecting their delicious food. The guides spend a lot of time crafting the perfect tour so you’ll be tasting only the best. 

Beer Bros microbrew bar in Mexico City

Now that you know you need to go on a tour, what tour should you take? I highly recommend Eat Mexico. I did the Narvarte at Night Tour. The tour included five food spots (one of which included a Mezcal tasting!) and ended at a local bar with microbrews. I’m opting not to share the names and locations of the places we ate, to encourage you to take the tour - it’s worth it. I promise!