48 Hours in Amsterdam with a Kid

No, you’re not misreading the title. We really did bring our kid to Amsterdam and it was amazing.

Such a vibrant city with so much going on all the time - but it didn’t feel overwhelming either. The City itself is stunning. Absolutely gorgeous. It begs to have it’s photo taken at every turn. So what did we do for the two days we spent there?

Boat Tour

The first thing we did in Amsterdam was a boat tour with Boat Amsterdam. This was the perfect way to start the trip because we got a tour of so much of the City and made mental notes of where we wanted to visit if we had time. The guided cruise is 70 minutes and takes you all through the canals - with a pit stop in the red light district.

Van Gogh Museum

You’ve probably heart it before, but this is a must-visit while in Amsterdam. We booked tickets online ahead of time - which I highly recommend. You show up for your time and go in immediately. Highlight of the museum was definitely the Sunflowers painting. But the room of his self portraits is a close second. While we were there, they had a a special exhibit called Van Gogh Dreams, inspired by his life and works. And because kids seem to snack every two hours, we stopped at the cafe - which was nice before the views are pretty cute.

Anne Frank House

We couldn’t go all the way to Amsterdam and not visit the Anne Frank House. I wish everyone would visit this museum. No matter how much you read about her life and WW2, nothing compares to actually visiting her hiding place. My husband and I agreed this was probably the highlight of Amsterdam but for (obvious) different reasons than anything else. A moving experience.

  • you must buy tickets ahead of time. They go on sale exactly two months prior at noon and sell out, daily

  • it is not stroller friendly, but there isn’t that much walking - our four year old handled it like a champ

view of Amsterdam across the canal

Take in the Sights

We walked a total of 38,000 steps in the two days we were there. Lots and lots of walking. Lots and lots to see. We bought some flowers, ate some sweets, and soaked in all the wonder of this amazing city.