365 PHOTOS OF 2017 | WEEK 6

Week 6. This was a hard week. One of those weeks that made me question (more than usual) if I'm doing the right thing. Of course, after a little time to think and really look at the big picture, yes, of course I'm doing the right thing. Of course I'm a good mom. But damn, this was a challenging week. But the last photo of the week is proof that I'm doing everything right and raising a happy, healthy, amazing baby girl the best way I know how. 

This was the week our little pie fell at school and knocked her tooth out. Well...sort of out, the dentist had to pull it the next morning. You can read about the Tooth Fairy visit here.

Days 36-42 | Week 6 | February 5-11, 2017

365 photo project week 6 2017