365 Photos of 2017 | Week 4 | Austin Toddler Photographer

One of the things that's important to me, is capturing the time in which we live. Whatever it may be. Whether it's the seasonal changes or political climate. I want my photos to have a "date" to them. I want my daughter to see these and think: oh that was spring, or that was in early 2017. It was weird, photographing the last image of the week. Really weird. Because it's sad - not the words on the screen, but the fact that those words even need to be written. The innocence of my child who only loves mixed with the hatred we see in the world. It didn't mesh. I was unsure if I'd want to use it. So to combat that, I made sure I only took one of her on January 28. So I would HAVE to use it.  I will teach her to love through my example.  I will teach her to not be afraid through my example. We need more love in this world.  

Days 22-28 | Week 4 | January 22-28, 2017


Bonus photos. Becuase some days you can't pick just one. January 22 and 26.