365 Photos of 2017 | Week 3 | Austin Toddler Photographer

You guys! I am on a roll. Not sure how I've been able to post these weekly, but I kinda love it. I shot all of these with a Canon 6d. The top 6 were shot with the Sigma 35 Art lens. The last one (from today) was shot with my Lensbaby Spark. SO FUN! 

I think that's why I love this project. There are no rules, other than take at least one photo of my daughter on one of my professional cameras each day. That's it. I can practice all sorts of fun techniques, angles, lenses, you name it. Hoping to get more and more creative as the year goes on. But for now, week three.

Days 15-21 | Week 3 | January 15-21, 2017


And bonus photos from the 19th and 21st. Because some days I can't choose one.

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