365 Photos of 2017 | Week 2 | Austin Documentary Photographer

I know I'm only two weeks into this project, but I love it. I actually wake up looking forward to picking up my camera. I keep it close by so it's always ready should the opportunity present itself. This week was challenging with sickies in the house (the little and me) but we are all on the up and up and ready to take on the world next week starting with Monday off...SCORE! 

One of the things I've worked hard on my entire adult life is living in the moment. It's not something that comes naturally to me. I'm a planner by nature and always thinking about what's next. Fast forward to my late twenties. My husband and I were pregnant with our first baby and I tried even harder to live in the moment. I knew there was no guarantee I'd get to experience pregnancy again. I knew there was no guarantee I'd get to experience newborn baby again. And now toddlerhood. My oh my is it hard sometimes...living in the moment AND mothering a toddler. But I'm trying. Every day to embrace the moment.

Day 11, the fourth one in this string of photos... Normally, I would have deleted this photo because it's not of her being super happy like she is 97% of the time. But this is what life was at that exact moment (you can actually see what she was like literally 1 second before I snapped this photo in the bonus section below). And don't worry, I picked her up literally the second after I took this. She's in a momma-cling phase right now. And as much as I love her snuggled something FIERCE - literally, her snuggles actually instantly make me feel her joy. It's also hard to always be the one she wants all the time.  But, I know it's a phase. And she'll be all about dadda again one day. And one day I'll beg for her to reach up and whine for me to hold her. So today, I embrace it. I know I'll miss this. 

Day 14, the last one in the string before the bonus photos... This one is super special to me. You see, in October we bought our first home - a super cute 2 bedroom condo. It's small but it's perfect for our little family. We moved from a 1 bedroom + den. Meaning, our baby...er toddler...didn't have an actually room with a door. Now she does! And today she discovered that SHE can open and shut the door to her very own room as often as she wants. 

So enough explanations, I suppose. My seven days of the Pie (our daughter's nickname).

Days 8-14 | Week 2 | January 8-14, 2017

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Bonus photos, because some days I can't just pick one. 

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