365 Photos of 2017 | Days 99-113

This is it! This is the batch I officially unofficially switched from shooting digital to film. I'm not even going to say that I have to stick to film. Because, honestly, it's my project and I do what I want. But...as of beginning of May when I'm writing this, I've shot only film since day 108. So there's that. The beauty, or curse - depending on how you look at it, about film is that it's unpredictable. So there are a few photos in here that I'm not really in love with, but I only shot ONE photo on those days, so I'm using it. It's helping me learn a lot - which is the whole point. Oh. And it's fun. 

In this batch, she had a birthday (we bought her a big wheel - which she liked at first, then hated, and now is slowly warming up to it?). We also did some gallivanting and spent some time out at the race track (cars). I'm kind of in love with the last two of the serious which were shot on a vintage manual focus film camera!

Days 99-113 | April 9 - 23