365 Photos of 2017 | Days 85-98

Can you even believe it? As I write this, it's the beginning of May. And believe it or not - I know I can't - I actually have kept up with this project.  I'll admit that it's morphed a little and didn't go quite as I envisioned. But I am shooting every day. 

I was shooting only digital up until about mid-April. Then I started incorporating film. And now, I'm pretty much only shooting film for my 365 project - which is making it a little tricky to keep track of. But I think I figured it out.  Below you'll find two weeks of photos. And from here on out, I'll likely be posting more than one week at a time - one: so I can catch up, and two: so I don't lose my mind trying to keep track of film. 

This lot of photos actually took place the end of March and beginning of April. And. One of those days, it was so crazy, that I forgot to take a photo of homegirl before she went to bed. I was crushed. Almost on the verge of tears, actually. How can this be a 365 project of HER if I forgot to take a photo one day? Oh the drama. Then my husband talked some sense into me. And I realized that, no, my world was not coming to and end. And I needed to give myself a little grace (grace which I extended to myself on day 118 where I forgot to take a photo all together - but more on that later). Instead I just took a photo of her door. Which I kinda like. 

So. enough of the jibber-jabber. Below I give you my photos 85-98 with bonus ones in between. 

Days 85-98 | March 26 - April 8


For the Film Photos:
Canon EOS 3 | Kodak Ektar 100 | Richard Photo Lab