Short Stop in Cleveland

A few months ago I had a conference in Cleveland for work. Yes, I traveled sans hubby; sans toddler. It was so weird leaving the house with a duffel bag, and that's it. But I made the most of my time.

Cleveland, similar to Austin, is an art city. I love, love, love when cities use public art to beautify the city. While I was there, I visited the Cleveland Indian's baseball park (where I got a gluten free beer and hot dog - winning!). I also spent some time on East 4th Street. It's a small block, really small, but it's shut down from cars and there are people everywhere. I ate at the Butcher and the Brewer - OMG so good. After dinner, I just walked around soaking in all the energy. 

I definitely want to go back and spend a little more free time there. And obviously the whole family will need to cross the ballpark off the list. 

Diana Mini | Kodak Color | Holland Photo dev | self scan