Pushing Ilford Delta 400 One Stop

Pushing film is one of the things I love most about film. It comes down to experimenting. Doing something with your film that it wasn’t originally made to do. It’s fun and exciting!

Ilford Delta 400 is relatively new to me. I usually opt for it’s sister, HP5. HP5 is my love language. But again, I like to try new things, so I bought a handful of Delta 400 rolls.

With this roll, I pushed it just one stop. Meaning I shot this roll at 800 speed instead of 400 and then developed it for longer. I was expecting lots of grain, even though Delta 400 is known for having little to no grain for a 400 speed.

The results were surprising. Yes, there is a little grain, but not a tone for pushing a 400 roll to 800. It’s amazing!

Film: Ilford Delta 400
Camera: Mamiya 645 1000s
Dev/scan: self

Dual Palms
from 12.00