One Roll, One Kid | April 2019

And a bonus photo…

Camera: Mamiya 645 1000s
Film: Ilford HP5 +2
Develop/scan: self
Lighting: nature light window

So this is four…

This month my itty bitty baby turned four and I can hardly believe it. She moved up to pre-k and is feeling like a super big kid. This month, we also adopted another pup (who wanted to be in the photos too!).

I’m not sure if I thought my aperture was set higher, or if I’m (gasp) having shutter issues, but this month’s shoot was pretty under exposed. But I kinda like the moodiness. And of course, I’m always thankful for the moments she posses for me.

Make sure you check my DC friend, Juliet and her One Roll, One Kid project for this month!

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