Black and White Doggy Portraits

I wanted to try pushing Ilford Delta 400 again…so I popped some in my Mamiya 645 1000s and took my try at doggy portraits. The idea was to get portraits with my daughter as well. But…they didn’t happen. In fact, the portraits look nothing like I had in my mind, but that’s photography working with dogs and kids…right?!

I still love them though. In fact, I probably love them more than I would have loved my perfectly posed portraits I envisioned in my head.

I realize I have never shared his adoption story here. He’s originally from Lebanon. His shelter was bombed and was found wandering the streets by an American soldier. The soldier was able to send him to Paris where he received care, got his vaccines, and was neutered. From there he was sent to Best Friends Animal Society in Utah. They had a satellite adoption event in Arizona where we lived at the time. And the rest is history. That was 12 years ago this February. I just love his story. And I love that he’s a world traveler like us.