170 Degree Plastic View | Lomography Fisheye Review

Lemme just say this…closeup of dogs look AWESOME on a fisheye lens! I got my adorable red Lomography Fisheye camera for my birthday last year. I was on a hiatus from buying cameras, so my mom hooked me up for my birthday. It’s a super fun camera to shoot with. It comes with a built-in flash - which unfortunately broke the first time I used it. Oh well….I’m used to natural light photography.

This camera takes 35mm film. And that’s about it. It’a a true point and shoot. I doesn’t allow for double exposures. Doesn’t let you change the shutter speed. And doesn’t automatically wind. It allows you to have all the fun without thinking too hard about what you’re shooting.

I would recommend this camera for anyone who likes to just take fun photos. Kids to professional photographers and anyone in between. It’s a fun way to shake up your portfolio and get some fun prints! You can get yours here.

Camera: Lomography Fisheye
Film: Ilford Delta 400
Dev/Scan: self