What to Do in San Diego for the Weekend with a Toddler

San Diego is one of our favorite cities to visit. I grew up in southern California, so going back always makes me feel at home. The weather is perfect practically year-round and there is TONS to do. In fact, we used to go every year for my birthday, usually around a baseball game (Petco Park is an awesome ballpark). 

This past trip we met my inlaws out there for a quick weekend away from the triple digit weather. The weekend was packed with fun!

USS Midway
This is a must! If you've never been on an aircraft carrier, or even if you have, you have to check it out. Just the pure magnitude of it is pretty unbelievable. Our daughter wants to "fly the big airplanes" when she grows up, so anytime we have a chance to get her around planes and helicopters we do. It's pretty easy to do the entire ship in a few hours. However if your kiddos can't handle a few hours, you can also see enough to make it worth it in an hour or so. Just go and have fun!

Petco Park
We are crossing the ballparks off our list. It was actually the very first ballpark we crossed of our list as a family of three. We brought homegirl when she was just 2 months old. The atmosphere is really relaxed (even though we go for Diamondbacks games which are a division rival). I mean any place you can get Grapefruit Sculpin and watch a baseball game in sub-85-degree-weather is a good place if you ask me! Also, since I have a gluten allergy (I just smell the Grapefruit Sculpin) I must point out that they have a lot of gluten free options...including really tasty pizza!  

Film photo inside of Petco Park in San Diego

San Diego Zoo
I know zoos get a bad rap these days. And I get it, I do. But it's important to understand all the conservation the San Diego Zoo does. They are a leader in the fight to end extinction.  And, it's a really REALLY cool zoo. Lions, gorillas, elephants, flamingos...everything! I highly recommend this zoo with your kiddos. Bonus: if you go in the summer, you get to see lots of babies with their mommas. Pretty amazing watching a momma gorilla feed her baby. 

Boat Tour
It's such a fun (and relaxing) way to explore the coast of San Diego. We did the south side this past trip (we got to see a lot of cargo ships docked as well as a military dry-dock, which was awesome). The north side is different, but equally entertaining. Enjoy the sun and breeze. We went on the Hornblower and were very pleased with our amazing captain/guide! He was so knowledgeable and fun to listen to.  Definitely check them out. 

We have family who lives in San Diego with a boat and got to joy ride a bit. But there are tons of companies that will let you rent a boat. Just respect the rules and others out having fun and you'll be fine!