Vintage Memories: Revolog 600nm Review

Something about a plastic lens and a vintage-feeling film to make my nerdy heart go pitter-patter. Today I'm reviewing yet another amazing Revolg film. I reviewed the Volvox earlier this year. the Revolog 600nm has been on my list and I finally popped a roll in my amazing little Snap Sights while we were in San Diego. 

35mm film San Diego

Different from the Volvox, the 600nm does not have any obstructions to the film. Not spots. No orbs. But there is an amazing color variant of red or blue hues. I didn't realize it when I bought it...but it gives images such a nostalgic feeling. Very vintage. And - of course - I love it! If you want to pick yourself up some, head to their website (or your local camera shop probably has it too!). 

As you can see, depending on the lighting, you can get redish or blueish/greenish tints. It's rated at 200ISO and that's the rate I had it developed. Underexposing the film will give it blueish tints; while overexposing will give it more of a red tones. But just play with it. I love it wtih blue and red tones. And it definitely gives it a very vintage feel.  Because it's 200 ISO, I would recommend not shooting indoors (although I've never tried it) - or if you do, maybe pushing it one or two stops. Hmmmm now I wonder what it would look like pushed...I should try that!


Camera: Snap Sights
Film: Revolog 600nm
Develop: Holland Photo
Scan: me