Mermaid Power: Snap Sights Underwater Camera Review

Our little fishy! It’s no secret that I’m a plastic camera junkie and believe that the best camera is the one in your hand. This plastic underwater film camera is probably the best $10 I’ve ever spent!

I bought this amazing little camera before a trip to Mexico last summer. It became my workhorse for photos around water. I pretty much have a roll in it from April through September. For this roll specifically, as I was rewinding the film, I periodically opened the back to intentionally expose the film to light giving it these dreamy light leaks. 

About the Camera

The camera looks like a disposable camera, but it's not. It reloads with 35mm film. It comes with a plastic, water-tight case, and a roll of film. It really was the best $10 I've ever spent. You can pick yourself up one here.  It's a point and shoot with a 30mm focus-free, plastic lens.

How It Works

You put film in it and shoot. Seriously. It's so simple and takes all the guess work out of shooting. Experiment with different ISOs. I've had good luck with 100-800 since it's shot all outdoors. Just be mindful of it. If it's a really cloudy day and you're hiking before hitting the lake, maybe 400 or 800 would be better. But a full sunny day? go for the 100 or 200. Or...break all the rules and just have fun. Just remember you can't change the aperture or shutter speed to adjust for your ISO.

All you need to do is point, shoot, wind, and have fun! I've used this camera in and out of water. It was designed for the water, but performs just fine without it. If you love the dreamy, soft look and feel of plastic lenses like I do, and you love the water, I highly recommend adding this little camera to your camera bag. 


Camera: Snap Sights!
Film: Agfa Vista 200
Develop: Holland Photo
Scan: myself