A Year With Olympus and Ilford: Back for Roll 11

A Year with Olympus and Ilford: Roll 11

It’s sad to say that this project sort of just stopped. I was doing so well, shooting at least one roll of Ilford HP5 in my Olympus OM1 every month. Many months I’d shoot two, or three. But My last full roll was in April. And it makes me sad. I loved the project. Absolutely love shooting with my Olympus OM-1. And have fallen head over heals in love with black and white film…particularly Ilford HP5… in large part to this project. So it’s back. In September I got to shoot an entire roll of HP5 in my OM-1. It took me a while to develop because I was afraid of developing a pushed roll. I pushed this roll to 800 (just one stop), but I’ve never developed my own pushed roll before. I’ve pushed HP5 all the way to 3200 (do it if you love grain), but again, never self developed a pushed roll. It’s a little nerve-wracking developing a roll for longer than the box speed indicates. But then, when all the agitating and mixing and fixing is done, you realize you did the math correctly and your film turned out!

Here are some of my favorites. I love that she lets me take photos of her. I hope she always will.

Olympus OM1
Ilford HP5 (pushed 1 stop)
Self developed and scanned