Luck Is on My Side - Fun with Diana and Lomo Film

A few weeks ago during SXSW Southwest Airlines gave my husband two tickets to Willie Nelson's Luck Reunion at his ranch outside of Austin (perks for flying with them almost daily). Whenever I go to events like this, I make sure I read the camera policy - especially with musicians. You just never know. Their policy was one of those "no professional cameras" policies. I've had my share of bad luck where that policy means "no detachable lenses." Just in case that was the story here, I decided to bring my Olympus OM-1 one at home and bring my toy Diana+ camera. Which actually was pretty perfect. A music festival on Willie Nelson's ranch was the perfect chance to bring this replica plastic 120mm camera. 

One of the things I love about plastic cameras is accidental light leak. I had a few images (you can see below) that were enhanced by the light - which is pretty fun. If you look really closely at the last two, you can see the chapel and the sign on the chapel that reads: Sunday Service Featuring Willie Nelson, Bobbie Nelson, and The Bells of Joy.