Kite Festival - How to shoot with Holga

Austin has a Kite Festival every spring.'s scheduled every spring. But so often lately it's been postponed and eventually cancelled because of spring storms. But not this year! We had so much fun. I didn't realize it, but I had never flown a kite before. And it's A LOT harder than it looks.

Tips for shooting with Holga...

  1. Don't think, just shoot. Seriously. Don't waste your film. But don't over think it. Just shoot. 
  2. Have fun with doubles. The beauty of these toy cameras are YOU are in complete control. You wind when you want. Shoot the same scene twice before winding. Or shot two different scenes before winding. 
  3. It's best to shoot outdoors. Of course...this is my opinion...but I always have WAY better results with lots and lots of natural light!
  4. If you're going to shoot in low light, definitely make sure of tip number 2! Let in the light!! 
  5. Use your settings properly. Sunny? Make sure it's set to the sun. Is your subject close to you or far away? Make sure you indicate it using the feature just above the lens.
  6. Have fun. Ok, I know I already said it. But seriously. Just. Have. Fun. If you aren't having fun shooting with a plastic camera, get rid of it and give it to someone who me! ;)

What tips would you add? Share your tips in the comments!