Francophile Status: High

Day 1

Salut, comment ca va ?

If you've known me for longer than half a second, you know the obsession I have with France (Paris in particular). You should see my GoodReads read and to-read bookshelves...full of book about Paris, France, moving to France, the French Resistance during WW2. The obsession is strong. French is rather sad. I just got back from another magical vacation in France and my serious lack in language skills is obvious and rather hilarious. So? I've decided to learn French. Once and for all. I've fantasized about it. Dreamed about it. Wanted to learn the language. 

black and white Holga photo of Paris
Holga photo of Paris

My dream is to live in Paris one day. And realistically, it's probable. I feel it in my soul. Probably not forever. And probably not next year. But I feel it. In the very least, I know we'll be back next summer or the summer after. And the next time we're there, I'd like to be able to order more than a coffee...and do it without a Spanish accent. (yeah, it's bad). 

But I have some questions...

How far will my language skills go by using apps and podcasts?

Will a paid online course take me to the level I want to be?

What about an in-person class?

Will I become fluent without being immersed in the language?

Will I be able to write in French? Ooh, I'd love to have French pen pal. Maybe that should be a part of my goal.

So many questions. So much to explore. Oh I'm so excited!

Today I started with the iPhone app called Duolingo, downloaded the podcast One Thing In A French Day, and purchased three e-books called Learn French With Stories for Beginners Vol 1-3. The plan is to take an in-person course this fall as well, then go from there.         

My goal is to dedicate a small part of each day to learn more of the language. I'm excited to discover what I'll learn next. 

Do you speak a foreign language? French? How did you learn? I'd love to hear your story!

Bonne Soirée,


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