Live and Learn: Roll 4

A Year with Olympus and Ilford: Roll 4

The thing with a year-long project is...there are going to be times it's not ideal. But you keep doing it because you want to push yourself. Normally, I wouldn't share these photos. And actually, I debated not publishing them. But, it's a part of the process. I definitely expected these to be exposed better. But that's 100% on me. Almost all of these were taken inside. I rated my HP5 to 1600 and pushed it twice. However it looks like I underexposed all of the images by at least a stop. Guess I need to try it again!

PS I love that I get film burn on every roll with my Olympus. I've only gotten it once with another camera. But every roll has it with this camera. See? I'm learning the quirks of my camera from this project. All about learning! 

Camera: Olympus OM-1
Film: Ilford HP5, rated 1600 +2
Lab: Pro Photo Connection