2018 Film Projects


2018 is the year of photographing for me. I officially closed my business in 2017 and since then, photography has been for me and my family and it's been wonderful. Not that business was not wonderful, because it was. I loved it. But it was time.  I figured 2018 would be a good time to create some projects to grow and stretch my creativity. This year, I'll be doing three projects (feel free to borrow them and/or join in!)

  1. One roll, one day - this stems back to 2016 (or maybe 2015) where a bunch of photographers all over the world decided to document their day using just one roll of film. I did this monthly for a few months in 2016 and 2017. But I'm starting again in 2018. 
    Objective: document one day, with one roll, once a month for 2018
  2. Epic Film Project - I'm a member of a small by might tribe of lady film photographers. We support each other, challenge each other, and cheer each other. And we decided to stretch our creativity with monthly themes.
    Objective: each month shoot some photos (or rolls) based on the theme. January is double exposure. Use the hashtag #epicfilmproject on Instagram
  3. One camera, one roll - Originally I wanted to shoot with just one film type and one camera for their entire year. I thought it would be a good way to really challenge myself and grow as a photographer. But them I thought about all the cameras I have and love and would be heartbroken to have them sit and collect dust for a year. Instead, I made a compromise. I'll be shooting with Ilford HP5 and the camera is still up for debate due to a few being out of commission. But likely it'll be my brand new (to me) Olympus OM-1. 
    Objective: shoot at least one roll every month with Ilford HP5 on the same camera


Not a "project" technically, but I want to start developing and printing my own film at home. I'm taking a darkroom class (starting tomorrow!!!) and will learn how to develop and print my own film. I'll be purchasing my own gear to develop and scan. And rent space from local co-ops to print my own images. Yes, 2018 will be amazing!

I'll be blogging these projects as they progress. And course I'll be posting on Instagram so make sure you join the conversation. 

What about you? What are you film projects for 2018?