What You Find | Roll 1

A Year with Olympus and Ilford: Roll 1

I struggled with how I would share these photos. At first, a gallery of images seemed like it would do the trick. But after starting the project and seeing the images, it became clear that posting a gallery alone - for this project - just wouldn't do it justice. 

This project has already become a piece of my soul. In an effort to slow down and enjoy the moment more, it quickly became the avenue in which I'll begin to achieve this.

This set of images is extra special to me. The first set for my Year with Olympus and Ilford project. First roll of film in my new (to me) Olympus OM-1.  And it's my home. This is my neighborhood. The place we chose to buy our first home. Not knowing what I'd find, I popped a roll into my camera and walked around my neighborhood until my roll was finished. Much to surprise, I found a lot of interesting and beautiful things worthy of a photograph. I may not have ever noticed the shadows in my hallway. Or the plants that bloom in the winter. Or that my neighborhood has one of those little "take a book, leave a book" libraries had it not been for this project. This day. This moment. 

Take time to see - really see - the things around you. You might be surprised what you find.

Camera: Olympus OM-1
Film: Ilford HP5
Lab: Pro Photo Connection