Listen to Your Soul | Rolls 2 & 3

A Year with Olympus and Ilford: Rolls 2 and 3


Have your given yourself permission to listen to your soul? When was the last time you listened? What did it tell you?  And I don’t mean hear – I mean listen. There’s a significant difference between the two.

I’ve been hearing it for about a year, but I wasn’t actually listening. I kept pushing it aside, labeling it as nonsense. I was too busy. Too many tasks left undone on my to do list. Too little time to do the things I need to do. I certainly have no time to listen to my soul.

I’m a busy person with lots on her plate – the modern-day mom. I joke about all the hats I wear - which doesn't allow for a ton of free time. I kept igorning my soul until it got so loud it was practically screaming at me. My patience level was at an all-time low. My exhaustion level at an all-time high. And I saw no end in sight. Enough was enough.

All my soul wanted was for me to pick up a camera and go somewhere. Didn’t have to be anywhere special. Didn’t have to be crazy. But it needed to be just me and my camera. So that’s what I did. On a rare holiday where my daughter’s school was open but my office closed, I took the day for some mental self-care. Instead of pulling her out of school and spending the entire day together, I sent her to school and went to a botanical garden and spent two hours there, just being. Camera and rolls of film in hand. I heard the birds. I noticed the few blooms left in the dead of winter. I appreciated life. My breath, the sun, and crisp air.

In a society where we glorify busy, it’s too easy to forget about ourselves. And how am I supposed to tend to all of my commitments and take care of my family if I constantly feel like I’m running on empty? It’s important to take time to listen – actually listen – to your soul. What is it telling you? You never know what you might find when you decide to listen.

Camera: Olympus OM-1
Film: Ilford HP5, rated 320, dev 400
Lab: Pro Photo Connection