Another Stamp in the Passport - Mexico

This month we added another stamp to homegirl’s passport! We packed up our swimsuits, hopped on a plane, and headed to Cancun for the weekend. It’s so awesome that Southwest flies to Cancun now and they have a non-stop flight from Austin every day. Winning!

Most of our vacations are go, go, go. We want to see this and that, go here, go there. We often need a vacation after our vacation. This one was different. We didn’t have any plans - nothing. It was awesome. We stayed at the Kristal Cancun resort. It’s all inclusive, but we didn’t do the all inclusive part (since we do like to explore, we wanted to walk around and eat offsite). The resort has several beautiful pools, beach cabanas, and walk up beach access. It was perfect.

We spent the morning at the beach and afternoon at the pool. Homegirl was cool with the sand, but didn’t love the ocean so much. So we just took turns swimming in the ocean and building sand castles with her.

The only thing I would have changed would be to have an extra night. We only stayed two nights, but one more would have been perfect. Any longer, for us, would have been too long - unless we planned day trips.

Below are a handful of photos I took with my underwater film camera. 


Snap Sight | Ektar 100 | Holland Photo

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