Tips: Flying With a Baby

“You’re going where? What about the baby? Is she going too?"

I remember those comments clear as day. It was as if we told people we were taking her to a foreign land and they’d never see any of us again. I think people get it in their mind, "Whelp, we have a baby now. Our life has to change!" And it definitely does change in literally every way, but you don't have to give up the things you once loved. 

Relax. Breathe. It will be ok.

Traveling is very important to my husband and I. We’ve been overseas every year since being married except for two. Not only that, but we take several trips stateside every year. So when we had our daughter, it was inevitable. Of course we’ll still travel. “That’s cute” where the looks on faces of parents with kids older than ours.

When I was pregnant, I had the mindset that we were still going to travel. If you have the means, there really is no reason not to. Kids are resilient and they adapt to the life you provide. So if hopping on a plane every other month is a part of that life, by all means, live it!

Here are my tips for traveling (flying specifically) with a baby. She was two months old and we went to San Diego.

Flight Times

If you can, try to fly at night. Babies are so much easier to deal with traveling when they are asleep!


Extra Seat

If you’re able to afford it, buy that extra seat and bring the carseat! She slept like an angel snuggled up in her carseat. And we were at ease knowing she was buckled in.


For the Plane

Diapers and wipes, obviously. But bring extra. Make sure you and your partner have some in your carryon. Bring doggie poo bags, extra outfit for baby, and extra shirt for mom and dad. Trust me on this one. I was christened into the travel-moms club with a massive blowout right after we took off - first time ever changing a diaper on an airplane and it was an up-the-back blow out. Stay calm. Breathe. You got this. Just be prepared.


Take-Off and Landing

Nurse, bottle, or paci during take-off and landing - it helps with their ears!



Flying can be stressful even without a kid. I hate it. But I love traveling, so I’m stuck with it. I noticed that by me being as calm as possible, my daughter is calm. I remember that first flight, I had her in my carrier (wear baby as much as possible while traveling - keep those hands free!), waiting to board. I was swaying gently and singing quietly to her. She was as calm as can be. And so was I. An older lady came up to me and said, “You look so peaceful. Good job, momma.” My response, “Thank you. If I’m calm, she’s likely to be calm.” They can feel your anxiety and your peacefulness. Try to be calm.



Remember, babies all over the developed world eat, drink, and are diapered. If you’re trying to pack light, pack enough diapers/wipes for the flight and the first day. Buy the rest when you get there.


Plan for Plan B

This probably goes without saying. Most parents are already planning for plan B, C, D, or even L? But seriously though. Have a plan, but be ok with completely tossing it.


Recapping My Top Three Tips

  1. Extra clothes for baby AND mommy for the plane

  2. Good, calm attitude

  3. Nurse, bottle, or paci for take-off and landing

Remember, kids are resilient. There is A LOT they can do. My daughter has been on more than 25 flights. Traveled to six states and three countries. And she’s two.

What are some of your tips for traveling with a baby?  And where are you headed? Always looking to add places to my bucket list!