365 Photos of 2017 | Days 114-128

Definitely learning to really, actually, for real, pick my battles with my 2 year old... A few weeks ago we went to lunch. And she suddenly became obsessed - OBSESSED - with sugar packets. No one in our family uses them, so I was confused why she suddenly became obsessed with them. I really didn't want her playing with them for the obvious: she'll eat all the sugar or they'll spill everywhere. But then I realized she was mostly just using them as shakers. So I let her keep them. And you know what? The world did not end and lunch was peaceful. 

I'm noticing more and more than I'm need to pick my battles. Things that aren't necessarily wrong and definitely aren't dangerous, I am working really hard on letting go - like sugar packets at the dinner table...

Also. I just noticed that she's wearing the same shirt in two days - with only one day in between. Guess you I know what day I did laundry! hahaha

Days 114-128 | April 24 - May 8