Fun Things to Do in Austin with a Kid: Austin Beerworks

It's starting to get hot. hot. hot. And I'm always looking for fun things to do outside the house, but indoors - or at least shaded.

We headed to the Round Rock Express game on Saturday and the hubby wanted to hit up a northside brewery (we've done about all the south/central/east ones, it seems). So we hit the road and headed to Austin Beerworks. Let me just say...their taproom is ON POINT! While I was in there I couldn't help but envy their brand manager - the colors, lights, design, everything. It screams hip in a non-pretentious and inviting way. That's hard to do. 

And don't worry. It's totally normal to being a kid to a brewery. We weren't the only family there. Actually - homegirl has been going to breweries since she was two weeks old. Literally. In fact, both her first and second birthday parties were at breweries. So yeah. It's fine.  

The Texas Chili Queens truck was stationed on the outside serving so damn good chili. Yes. It was 100 degrees. And yes. We ordered chili cheese fries. And yes. They were AMAZING. We got the Houston - as recommended by the guys on the truck. It wasn't too spicy for homegirl (although she can take the heat, my little Texan!). We ate it all up. Then homegirl ran amok. Oh how I love places where it's appropriate for your toddler to be a toddler. 

I definitely recommend you head over to Austin Beerworks sometime this summer. It's not air conditioned, but the huge indoor space has massive fans that kept it MUCH cooler than it was outside. The only bummer about it, is there are no gluten free alcoholic beverages. Which, to be honest, is to be expected at a brewery. But it had to be said. Hubby got to drink. And I had a Mexican coke and water. But still enjoyed myself quite a bit.