Cameras Deserve to Be Used to Make Photographs: My Kodak Hawkeye Brownie Review

Cameras are not made to collect. They were not designed to sit on a shelf for decoration never to have the shutter released. They were designed to collect images. Take in the sights. Preserve memories.

So when I bought my Kodak Hawkeye Brownie (1949-1961 era) I bought it to do just that. I had it out for decor because it looked really cool and never ran a roll through it. Then we moved and it sat in a box for years. I was going to sell it, finally. Because it broke my heart that I was just letting it sit there. I dug it out of a box and looked at it. I did a little research and saw that people do still shoot with it. So I decided to give it a try. And I am SO glad that I did. 


I watched this video on YouTube on how to load 120 mm film into it (it's a 620 mm camera). It was very helpful and easy to do. 

What I love about these old cameras is their history. Was this used to photograph a wedding? Did it take a stroll through the park and capture children running around and playing? Birthdays? Christmases? What memories were preserved with this camera in the past 70 years? It's pretty cool to think about. 

I must say - it's a dream to shoot with. And I will definitely be putting more film in it soon. Sorry, no longer for sale.