Sweet Baby Girl | Love Is Series

This sweet family was my last shoot of 2016. And honestly, it was perfect. I started the Love Is series in December 2016 in hopes that I'd get to gift a family facing medical complications a shoot. When momma told me their story, I KNEW I wanted to meet them and photograph their little slice of life. Baby girl was born weighing 1 lb but is doing so well, getting strong, and gaining weight! In fact...when I arrived to the hospital I was informed that baby girl was doing so well that she no longer needed to be in the enclosed crib. So, you guessed it. I got to take the last photograph ever of her in the enclosed crib AND her first photograph ever in the open crib. What a beautiful milestone to photograph. 

Oh and  big brother? He is so proud and already has so many plans that he and baby sister will do when she's home. He got to hold her for the first time when I was there...so yep, I photographed another first. How awesome is that?!

Without further ado...