New to 2017

So piggy-backing on that whole follow-my-heart blog post which I really hope you read. Actually, if you didn't, you can do that now. (read it here). It's good. I promise to wait for you.

You're back? Ok, awesome! So, toward the end of 2016 after evaluating some things, I set some awesomeness up to go into effect in 2017. Things I'm so super duper passionate and excited about. And I hope you are too!


New to 2017

Yearbook Collections
These were designed for the family who loves to keep their photographs current and updated throughout the year. You literally get to watch your family grow (with YOU in the photos too!) throughout the year. You can pick from four or eight mini-documentary sessions in a 12 month period. They come complete with the high-resolution digital collection and album at the end of our year together! There are three spots left for 2017.

Family Films
No, not my hipster film (come on, I  know some of you think I'm a super hipster for shooting film). ;) But I'm talking about video. Family Films are coming soon! But coming even sooner (as in TODAY) is a Family Films Giveaway. Go check it out on Facebook. You can view a recent video here.

Love Is
In case you missed it late last year, I started the Love Is series. Every month I hope to donate a photo session to a family facing life-altering or life-threatening illness/diagnosis. I was able to meet and photograph three families so far. It's my goal to photograph 12 in 2017. But I need YOU to help me. I need you to send me families deserving of these donated sessions. You can read more about that here.

Giving Back
Last year I held a one-time fundraising special and was able to raise $150 for Save the Children Syrian relief. It wasn't as much as I was hoping, but it's better than nothing. Well, this year, you can participate year-round. Donate $50 to a charity of your choice and receive $50 off your session or collection. Pretty cool, huh?

There you have it. Some fun, excited, things that I'm deeply passionate and so excited about. Together, we can make this a really awesome year!