I Choose to Live

I feel like I’ve been having a lot of ah-ha moments lately. Like I finally figured it out. I know what I want. Life of course, is a moving target. We grow. We change. Our families grow. And our prioritizes change. Really, change is the only constant around here.

2016 brought some huge changes to my business.  I started focusing on documenting real moments with my own family and wanted to extend that to your family as well. And you welcomed me, with open arms. It was amazing being able to photograph such special, intimate moments that embodied each stage of life. I fell in love with it really. Documenting those real moments.

But something was missing. I spent the last quarter of 2016 photographing more families than I did all of 2015. That's the goal, right? To be insanely busy? At least...that's what I thought the goal was. 

While I absolutely LOVED photographing all the moments and memories for my clients, I sadly missed a lot for myself. And sure, life happens, you can't be with your kids every moment of every day forever and ever. I understand that. But I was too busy. I did too much. And I knew it. My family knew it. We felt it. I knew I needed to make a change. But what would that look like? 

Terrified to pigeon-hole myself into never working again, I didn't want to make any formal announcements. What if I changed my mind? What if no one ever books me again because they think I'm unavailable? What if? What if? What if?

And there it was. I read a quote from my sweet friend Eboni.

"You should do what makes you happy and filter out the rest of the noise."

Stop worrying about what other businesses are doing. Stop worrying about all the unknown. Be aware of how it may affect things, sure, but I need to do what I want. What makes my heart sing. What makes me happy. What moves me. I started photography because I love it. I love photographing people. Telling their stories. Providing them with amazing artwork for their walls and coffee tables. I love the relationships. I love documenting the moments that make each stage of life so unique.

I want to take less client work on this year but make it more epic! 

I want to watch families grow with year-long photography collections. It makes my heart sing to see families grow. Witness it. Document it. And celebrate this beautiful life we’ve been given.

I want to donate more sessions to families through the Love Is series. I would be over the moon if I got to donate 12 sessions this year.

I want to make family films and capture the days on video.

I want to shoot for me. And make photographs that move me and not care if it only gets a few social media likes. I want to filter out the rest of the noise. In 50 years, I want it to be so obvious who I was in my 30s that my grandchildren and maybe even great grandchildren can share the story of the life I lived so many years before they were even born.

We’ve been given one life to live. The days in this life are sometimes long, but the years are always way too short. I want to live mine AND document you living yours. 

If you love living this life you've been given and want it documented, let's get in touch! I'm currently booking for April and beyond.