Where to Print Your Photos

When I rebranded, I started including prints with every photo session. For many reasons, really. But most importantly is because I believe that and image doesn't really become a photograph until it's printed. And that stories deserve to be told. But you shouldn't just print your professional photos, no way. You should print the ones you take also! 

I use professional labs that fit well with my style of photography (especially since I shoot film - some labs are just made for printing film photos).  But there are also a handful of consumer labs that I highly recommend...for quality, ease, and/or price!

Yes, that's a photo of me in a tutu, holding my (then) 10 month old, crossing the finishing line of the Austin half marathon. No, I didn't run with her the entire time...just the finish. And she clearly thinks the applause is for her! 

Why I love them? You print them straight from your phone or Instagram account! So super duper easy. Their 3x3 and 3x4 "Polaroid" photos are all over my office.  See above example. 

Social Print Studio
Why I love them? You can also print from your phone or Instagram with these guys too. And they have some fun, funky frames to print from as well. 

Why I love them? They are as close to a professional lab as you can get. In fact, they are the little sister company to a really reputable pro lab and it's obvious based on quality. 

Artifact Uprising
These guys are new to the scene and making waves! My favorite thing they offer? Their Photo prints + block. I love, love, love it! 

What do you think? Did I miss someone? Do share!