Monthly Goals: August

So. I might have bitten off a little more than I could chew this past month. July was by far the business month, so I didn’t quite reach my goals.  But you know what? Not reaching your goals isn’t a failure. Not at all. Had I not set goals, I likely wouldn’t have even done as much as I did, so it’s definitely a success.

Recap of July

Blog at least 8 times
Not quite. I blogged 5 times. It’s still more than I was doing, so it’s a success in my book!

Be more intentional with my time

This is a work in progress. But I did much better this month.

Try a new Around Austin spot

I did! Austin Flower Market – check it out here.

Track my audience

Eh. I kinda did this. I need to find an easier way. Logging daily just isn’t reasonable for my schedule. Maybe I need to try weekly? How do you track your social media analytics?

So here are my August goals…

Blog 5 times again

Maybe 8 was over zealous. Baby steps – right?

Update my print shop

Yes, I have a print shop. No, I haven’t really advertised it, because it’s not updated. At all. August I’m going to start updating it with photographs that are available for purchase. If you’re interested in checking out what I have now, you can have a look here

Submit photos for publication

I’ve done this before and it’s an awesome experience. It can sting a little if you’re not selected, but it’s healthy to put yourself out there as an artist. I haven’t submitted for publication in a few years, so I’m excited to start the process again!

So. There you have it! What are your goals for August?