Introducing Holiday Traditions Storytelling | Austin Family Photographer

Tradition is a VERY big deal for me. My family moved around a lot when I was a kid - but we always had our traditions. Every year we traveled to visit my nana and poppie - Christmas was always at their house. Still is. We aren't Italian, but every year my nana makes ravioli as a part of Christmas dinner. It was her dad's favorite and her mom made it every year. One day, it will be my turn, and I'll make ravioli because that's what we do. And hopefully my daughter will do the same. Because her mom's great grandpa (known as papa) loved having it on Christmas.  

As an adult with a kiddo of my own, traditions are even more important to me now. With this being my daughter's second holiday season, we are trying to create them now. One tradition I hope will stick is opening presents the weekend before Christmas (since we always go back to Arizona for Christmas). There are many more traditions that we will develop over the years - making hand print ornaments for the grandparents was fun! When she's a little older, she'll surely be a part of watching Christmas Vacation every Christmas Eve with my dad. I know that movie line for line - my dad, brother, and I watch it every single year. 

All of this got me thinking. What are some of your holiday traditions? Do you all go to the tree farm and pick out a tree together? Do you make hot cocoa and put on A Christmas Story in the background while you decorate? Do you make coffee mugs with your kids' hand prints? Is your tree full of handmade ornaments? Do you bake shortbread cookies for your neighbors? Braid Challah together with your kids as you tell stories from your childhood?

I know you have photos of these. I know you do.

But, momma, you're not in those photos. Are you? 

What would it mean to you if you had photos of these traditions...with you in them?  

That's why I'm introducing Holiday Traditions Storytelling Sessions. 

About Holiday Traditions Storytelling Sessions

Brand new this year, I'm offering Holiday Traditions Storytelling Sessions and I could not be more excited about them! I want to be there when you look for your tree.  I want to be there when you open the box and unravel 30 years of ornaments from your mom and grandma and the macaroni ones your kids made you last year. And since they're new this year, I'm offering them at a very special price. 

Holiday Traditions Storytelling Sessions are 2 hours and include a gorgeous photo album of all of the photographs from the session and corresponding digital files.  Purchased a la carte, this is a $700 value. For 2016 only, I'm offering these sessions for $550 (or $450 if you have had a full session with me this year). 

Baking, decorating ornaments, wrapping presents, or shopping for the angel tree. These are the moments you'll want to remember forever. These sessions are not posed and capture the true essence of what fills your holiday traditions - whatever they may be!

These sessions will take place in late November and throughout December. If you're interested, or have any questions about them, let's talk soon! Click the gray button right here.