SXSW Done by Locals with a Baby

"Oh just wait until you have kids. You won't be able to do any of that."  Sound familiar? Pppfff. Sure you can. Ok, ok. You can't quite go to every free party at every bar on dirty Sixth like you once could, but you can definitely do your pre-baby shenanigans with baby. And this is hit up all of the free (or super cheap) outdoor concerts (bring ear gear just in case it's too loud), sit back, and enjoy!

This girl loves music. Like LOVE LOVE LOVEs it. Any time we put music on Apple TV she starts dancing. She sings in the car. And of course, danced the weekend away during south by. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if we see her in concert at south by in 15 or 20 years. 

We went to Auditorium Shores on St. Patty's Day. Hit up South by San Jose Saturday morning. Then stumbled across Love on the Lawn Saturday evening. Love and Chaos performed during Love on the Lawn and they were AWESOME. Seriously. Amazing. Homegirl (my daughter) sang and danced to all of their songs. We loved them so much that I downloaded their album on iTunes the next day!

Bottom line, I love this town and love sharing my favorite things with my next generation Austinite. 

Edit - at the bottom is a list of free shows for 2017! 

*** Edit: 2017 List of Free shows. Official SXSW Free Shows and Unofficial SXSW Free Shows

Some shows require RSVP and/or guest pass.