Our Year on Film - FAQs

In case you missed it, I introduced a year-long photo collection for Austin area families. And then, based on questions, I realized I wasn't exactly 100% clear on WHAT it is and how it works. So...a little FAQ of sorts. If I missed something here, feel free to shoot me an email and ask! 

Toddler walking with a walker on wood floors, Austin family photographer


Why film?

Well, you may not realize it, but I already shoot film. Yep. If you've hired me to photograph your family since 2013, you've been receiving film photographs. I still shoot some digital, but less and less. Film has more character and actually saves me time. It's GORGEOUS as-is, needs very little work, and matches my style of photography perfectly. Not only that, but I've used dozens of labs to find the perfect one, and I found them. Film also allows me to be a better photographer. That's not to say that only good photographers shoot film, not even close. But ME. I shoot better with film. I just do. I see differently. I shoot differently. And I end up loving about 75% of what I shoot on film...instead of about 20% on digital. 


What on earth are we supposed to do for 4 or 8 sessions in a year?

Well, first off, don't think of these as photo sessions. They aren't. We aren't going to go to a part at sunset for pretty lens-flare photos. Those images are pretty and they serve a time and place. But the Year on Film collection is all about capturing REAL LIFE. Some things I envision photographing for you:

  • Friday night build your own pizza night

  • Saturday morning forts
  • Daily walk to the park
  • Weekly grocery shopping with the kiddos
  • Soccer games
  • Decorating your Christmas tree
  • Trip to the library
  • Water day at the splash pad or pool
  • Off to the barber or baby's first haircut 

This is meant to be non-stress. I'll literally meet you wherever you are!

toddler trying to put her own shoes on


What would we wear?

Again, no need to go shopping and get pretty coordinating outfits. Whatever you normally wear doing the above activities is what you should wear. Seriously. 


How do we pay?

We can do this a number of ways, really. The four "sessions" in a year is $1200 for the year; the eight "sessions" in a year is $1600 for the year. You can make anywhere between 1 or 12 payments. You choose what's easier for you and I'll work with that! 


What do we get?

Along with the "sessions" you will get the high-res images to download after each "session." At the end of our year, you'll get to choose from a layflat heirloom album that I'll design or the wooden keepsake box with 4x6 prints.

dad carrying toddler on south 1st in Austin Texas


How many photos will we get from one roll?

Well, it's one roll of film each time I photograph your family. Usually, I end up loving 10-20 images from each roll of film. So you'll expect to get about that many from each time I come out to photograph your family. You can view some examples here.


How long does each "session" take?

One roll of film allows for 36 snaps. If it's not clear...I take my time with each snap. I can be with your family from 20 minutes to 1 hour. 


How do we get started?

Let's talk...soon! I am only taking four families for these collections. So you if you're interested or have questions, let's chat!