Meeting Baby B | Love Is Series

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of spending time with this lovely little family. Momma and I have been social media friends for years, but never met in person until this shoot. This little guy is, in part, the reason I started the Love Is series. I've followed his story and have been so moved by the love his momma has for him. I knew I wanted to do something, but wasn't sure what. In fact, I prayed about how I could help this family and families like his. And that's part of how Love Is was born. 

He joins big sister (who was with grand parents during the shoot). And is already preparing to take his role into this awesome family of four. I love how with newborns, you can already see their little personality. He is sweet and calm and I think he's getting excited to go home with his family. 

Our shoot was really fun. When I got to the hospital, they decided to give him a bath. I remember when my daughter was born, giving her a bath was one of the things I was most terrified of (they are just so itty bitty), so getting to watch his momma, dadda, and nurse take such sweet care of him was so fun. And when his nurse pulled out the diapers he started in in the NICU (which were big on him), I just HAD to photograph one next to his current size, newborn. Keep on growing, Baby B! 

Without further ado, Baby B.