Friday Favorites: BubbleHeadBathCo | Vegan Skincare

You know how much I love small, local businesses...and BubbleHeadBathCo is no different. Oh man, oh man. I have three things from them now: the Mud Bar, Sweet Cheeks, and Matte Tilda. 

The mud bar is a face soap bar that has completely changed my daily routine. My face has never felt more clean than it has using this bar. Freshly washed face is one of my favorite things. Especially after a long day of makeup wearing. It's not harsh at all, doesn't dry your skin, and is vegan and natural. You can find the amazing mud bar here

Sweet Cheeks is an organic, vegan moisturizer.  I bought it in Cardamom + Sugar and kinda what to eat it off my face. I use it nightly. You can find the Sweet Cheeks here.

Matte Tilda is  an organic, vegan matte cream. I use this every morning and it has replaced my need for liquid foundation...I'm serious. All I need is loose powder or a compact. And my face feels so much lighter and airier (I'm assuming that's a word because spellcheck didn't reject it). You can find the magical Matte Tilda here

So. Why am I writing this? I wasn't paid to do this. I didn't receive free products to write this. Nope. I bought everything I listed and have fallen in love with the products. I try to be cautious about what I put in my body, but never really though about all the harsh chemicals I'm putting on my face with soaps and moisturizers. These products are amazing and I HIGHLY recommend them. Plus, it's super awesome to support local, small businesses.