He called me "Texas" and I was alright with that! | Austin Family Photography

A few weeks ago, I got to spend the afternoon with this awesome family. Mom mentioned that she wanted unposed, natural photos of her family just doing what they always do (perfect - that's kinda my jam!). And one of the things they always do is hang out in their (GORGEOUS) backyard, read, play in the sandbox, and swing. 

The afternoon was perfect. And I mean perfect. It was pretty warm leading up to the session, but the weather totally cooperated - winning! About 10 minutes into our time together, their two year old asked me, "Do you live in Texas?" When I responded with a, "yep, I sure do!" His immediate reaction left me laughing..."me too!" What are the odds?! ;) Then the rest of our time together he referred to me as "Texas." And you know what? I was a-ok with that! Gosh, I love this! 

Without further ado....

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