Introducing Our Year on Film Collections

Do you ever look at old photo boxes with prints of your grandparents when they first got married? Or when your mom or dad was little? Photos from birthdays, summers, and the holidays. How awesome is it to look through those? That's what I want to help you with! I want to help preserve those moments for you, your kids, and grandkids. 

And this is why I'm introducing Our Year on Film Collections in 2017. So much can change in a year. Your baby starts walking. Your toddler uses full sentences. Your kid (who you swear was just born) lost his first tooth. Your tween discovered she loves baking with you. Your teen just got his drivers license. And I would love to document all of these precious life moments for you. And help keep them, preserve them, for generations.

I've been shooting one roll, for one day of my own family for a few months and I love it. Watching my family grow is amazing. But the connections are even better.  You guys. I have photos of my husband and daughter that I will cherish forever. He will cherish forever. And she will be so thankful she has in 30 years. It's amazing. So amazing in fact, that I want to share this experience with you.


father and daughter playing the guitar together in Austin Texas


How do you participate?

For 2017, I'm going to offer special pricing and limit this to a total of four families. Ideally, we'll start in January and shoot throughout the calendar year, however, as long as there is availability, I can take families at any time, and we'll shoot for 12 months.

What will this look like for your family?

You have the choice: pick four or eight times in a year. Don't worry. These are not photo sessions. Read that again. These are not photo sessions. There is no dressing up. There is no cleaning the house. We pick a date when we are both available and I meet you somewhere. Are you going to be at soccer practice? Perfect - I'll meet you there. Is that when you go grocery shopping? Fine! I'll meet you there. Do you want to take the kids for ice cream? Awesome, I love ice cream! Do you guys just chill and watch football after church? I like football; let's do that! I think you get the idea. The whole point of these is to actually catch what a normal, every day looks like to you. For a year. No stress. No preparation. Just be yourselves.


mom pushing her toddler on the swing in Austin Texas


What does one roll of film look like?

I know what you're thinking. What on earth does one roll of film actually look like? One roll of film yields 24 or 36 frames (of which 10-15 are really really good ones that I'll share with you). It can take anywhere from 20-60 minutes to shoot it. But know this, because it IS one roll, on one day, for one year, I am very intentional with my shots. I try to make the photos look as different as possible since I only have 24 or 36 frames to work with. You can see what one roll on one day looks like here.


dad reading to daughter in Austin Texas


How much does it cost?

For 2017 only, I'm extending introductory rates to four families in Austin. This is a big time passion project for me, and I genuinely hope to photograph families who are equally as passionate about the collection.  The cost depends on if you want me to come out and photograph quarterly or bi-quarterly. If you choose quarterly (4 times), the cost is $1200 (or 4 payments of $300). If you choose bi-quarterly (8 times), the cost is $1600 (or 8 payments of $200). Monthly payment plans are available. 


photo of a Mother and son cuddling, Austin Texas


What's included?

The price above includes my time and talent, the film itself, developing/scanning the film, an online gallery for viewing/ordering, high-res digital images for download, and (the best part!) a gorgeous keepsake, hand-made wooden box with every print from our time together at the end of the year or my signature layflat, hard-cover, linen finsh, 8x8 album. 

So let's get started!

I hope it's obvious how passionate I am about this. About film. About families. About love. About the connections. About the every day. And about growing with you.  The days are short and the years are long and it's all happening way too quickly. I would be honored to help you savor those moments for ever and ever and pass on for generations to come.

If you would like to learn more or snag one of those four spots, please contact me



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