2016 Photo Project: Ten on the 10th

Baby Reaching for the CameraI decided to do a year-long photo project and invite any and all who want to join me!  Don't worry - it's not a 365 (or 366 in this case—all those leap year babies have a birthday this year!). This is for anyone who wants to join. Whether you want to learn how to use the new camera you just got for Christmas, want to pick up your very first film camera and experiment, want to keep your creative juices flowing, want to take more photos in general, or just want to have fun, this project is for anyone. It’s a year-long commitment, so try to stick with it. It will be awesome to look back at all of the photos you’ve taken, and if the goal was to improve your skillset, reflect on how much you’ve grown!

Here’s how it works…

Each month, on the 10th take ten photos. This is almost like a mini day in the life. But you only need to take ten images. You can take them all in the morning, afternoon, evening, throughout the day, your call. The goal is for them to be quality, meaningful images. You can use your camera phone, film camera, digital point and shoot, or a digital SLR. Whatever you’re comfortable with and/or want to learn/use.


Happy snapping!

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Edit: You can join the Facebook group and share your photos here.