June Favorites

We’re going to try something new here. As I read articles and blog posts each month, download new music, try new things, I want to gather my absolute favorite ones and share them with you. Here are my faves from June!

Articles & Blog Posts

13 Kid’s Books that Encourage Kindness by Buzzfeed  

18 Summers by Simple As That

The First Time I Started Collecting Hellos by Becoming Unbusy

Dear Child: Let’s Make This the Summer of ‘Yes’—Not ‘Maybe Later’ by Mother.ly



Can we just talk about these sunnies for a moment? I happened to compliment a bar tender on her sunnies and she told me where she got them. So I checked out the shop. And OMG I'm in love with them all. I bought two pairs. (Maybe I'll share the other pair next month for my favorite things in July.) But these. These are my favorites right now. So over-the-top-amazing! Check out Sunnndaze for more fun sunnies.

Cute sunnies from Sunnndaze



Obsessed you guys. I think June is the month I became a belieber. For real. I'm not ashamed to admit it.  I am absolutely obsessed with Despacito and I'm the One. 

Despacito (so hot - if you don't understand Spanish, google the lyrics. You're welcome!)

I'm the One (language...but this is such a fun summer song! Makes me want to dance!)


Ok - I'm ready to kick off the summer. Aren't you? 

What are some of your favorites??